Batizado Interno

Happy New Year! 
We have such an exciting year of Capoeira planned in Cebu with our Batizado Interno in February and Asia's first Capoeira tournament planned for August 2011.

I am very excited to announce the dates of our Cebu Batizado Interno for 2011 as 24-26 Feb 2011. Mark the dates in your calendar & train hard!

There will be plenty to learn & lots of techniques, variations and movement with workshops by special/esteemed guest all the way from Sydney, Australia, who has over 10 years of teaching experience, and 14 of Capoeira, Coach Guerreiro. Guerreiro and Instructor Jensen have trained Capoeira together for 14 years and together won a Capoeira tournament in 2002 in Sydney, Australia that had competitors from around the country (they placed 1st in the team event and 1st and 2nd in the singles competition) and at National All Styles tournament in Sydney on 4th August 2003, competing against Martial Arts practitioners, from Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing, Instructor Jensen and Guerreiro were awarded second place in Senior Demonstration Competition.

On top of many years of Capoeira experience, Guerreiro has cross trained extensively in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling, Thai Boxing, Western Boxing and Shooto, competing a couple of times in amateur Shooto events in Sydney. He learnt kick boxing from Alex Tui, Australia's first world kick boxing champion, at the world famous Mundine's Gym (Tony Mundine Boxing Gym, named after the Aboriginal Boxing great Tony Mundine snr and base of former two-time WBA Super Middleweight champion boxer and current IBO Middleweight champion, Anthony Mundine jnr), located in notorious Eveleigh St in the Sydney suburb of Redfern (scene of 2004 Redfern riots on 14 February 2004). At Mundine's Gym, Guerreiro also taught Thai Boxing with Khun Kru Gus (from Bangkok, Thailand) and under Alex Tui, Guerreiro was stable mate of Peter Graham, a former world kickboxing champion who currently competes in MMA. Peter's trademark kick is the "Rolling Thunder" spinning somersault kick, which resembles the Capoeira movement "mata angoleiro". Using the "Rolling Thunder", Peter broke his opponent's (Badr Hari) jaw in 3 places- the move was perfected with Guerreiro's help, with Peter publicly acknowledging that in International Kickboxer magazine (search in youtube for "Peter Graham rolling thunder"). Guerreiro has worked almost 6 years in the Security Industry in Sydney, where he has tested Capoeira techiniques in the real world as supervisor/head guard at what some consider the roughest and most violent bars and clubs in the world.

It is at great expense that we are able to provide world class teaching and events for the Philippines Capoeira scene and it is only possible with the support of our sponsors and, most importantly, our students participating in the events and giving us their energy for our beautiful roda. We have some time now to prepare, so invite everyone you know to try our wonderful art with the aim of having each participate in our event at the end of next month.

Our schedule is as follows:
Thu 24 Feb
530pm Workshop & Roda
Fri 25 Feb
530pm Workshop & Roda
Sat 26 Feb
4pm Batizado
Locations will be confirmed in the coming weeks. 

We are also in the process of confirming the presence of our grande Mestre Torpedo, as he is still in Brazil.

Instructor Jensen