BATIZADO Interno 26Feb2011

Last February 26, 2011 Sinha Bahia De Capoeira Internacional, which is the only Capoeira academy in Cebu City, conducted their BATIZADO INTERNO held at the Ayala Mall Active Zone. With their guest instructor in the person of Coach Guerreiro together with Instructor Jensen Chow and their Capoeira students, they performed such great Capoeira movements on the said event.

The Batizado Interno is a very important event for the Capoeira Academy. It is their annual event which they welcomed the new capoeira students and give appreciations to the improved students as well. Through the combination of the best skills and mastery of the two coaches, they provide one of a kind training program to their students as the preparation, which made it a very successful event.

The people in Ayala can’t help themselves to stop a while and witness the art of the Capoeira. You can see through their faces of how amaze they are on the stunts or movements performed by the capoeira students and most especially by the highly skilled instructors. You can also see through the faces of the students with their instructors on how they enjoyed their performances. The sounds or capoiera music makes their performance more alive and enjoyable.