BATIZADO INTERNO Special Limited Edition T-Shirt!

I am very excited to announce our very cool limited edition event shirt for our Batizado Interno this weekend! For use on our event day and in class and rodas. Awesome design & fantastic souvenir / gift & great to wear around as a casual shirt. Mestre Torpedo and our Sinha Bahia student & special guest from Australia, Nina (who also happens to be Mestre's wife!), wil be here Friday for a very fun weekend!!!

Sponsors layout will change on the actual shirt as the above is just a draft

Php800 Each & Available at Fri workshop & Batizado and in class until our limited stocks are exhausted!
Sizes available are: XS, S, M, L, XL

See you all at Workshop Fri 630pm at Luym Building & for the Main Event Sat 630pm at Ayala's Active Zone!

Instructor Jensen