Dancing Martial Art for Youth in Trouble with the Law

Dancing Martial Art for Youth in Trouble with the Law

At 11am 9 July, SINHÁ BAHIA DE CAPOEIRA (www.Capoeira.ph) is launching a weekly Capoeira class for youth who have had brushes with the law and are now living at Community Scouts. Community Scouts is a brand new Center built by the Rotary Club of Cebu and the Cebu City government. The center serves as a refuge for minor offenders who, instead of being put in a regular jail where they are mixed with hardened criminals, are detained in a cell within the Center. Once released, they are invited to join the commune where they undergo a rehabilitation process, join the scouting activities, are provided education and taught basic vocational skills- and now the beautiful Brazilian cultural art of Capoeira! Capoeira is a holistic art that blends martial art, culture, music, song and acrobatics into a unique game. 

Community Scouts also has facilities for boys to stay in the center until they have finished their schooling or vocational education. Many of its former wards have found employment in factories and government service. A few are working overseas. One of them is now a full-fledged policeman, having passed its admission test after finishing college education. He is now assigned as Disciplinarian for the Center.

There are 56 boys presently housed at the center and every single one of them signed up to learn Capoeira at a new weekly class that will be taught pro bono by Instructor Jensen Go Chow and his team of coaches, including Michael Legaspi, who performed Capoeira on Pilipinas Got Talent last year. Sinha Bahia de Capoeira is the only Capoeira academy in Cebu. Sinha Bahia is a member of a worldwide Capoeira association which has branches in Brazil, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and here in our country in Manila and Cebu. Here in Cebu, the Capoeira community is led by Instructor Jensen Go Chow, a balikbayan who spent a year in Brazil learning the art of Capoeira and now is teaching here under the supervision of Brazilian master, Mestre Torpedo, who relocated to Manila from Rio de Janeiro 2 years ago. The program of classes was organized by the Events Co-ordinator of Sinha Bahia de Capoeira,  Corra Mae 'Em-em" Aliste, and the project is funded by donations from the Capoeira students and coaches for meals for the boys and free classes. 

Capoeira, which is rapidly spreading around world, has a very rich, interesting history. The art evolved in colonial Brazil, where African slaves forbidden from practicing martial arts, used music and song to disguise their preparations to fight their captors. The elements of the disguise have become integral parts of the practice. Modern Capoeira intertwines music and song with self defense, acrobatics and dance. It offers the world a tool and methodology to embrace the highest aspirations of the human spirit: liberation, joy, freedom, and wisdom!!

For more information call our Events Co-ordinator, Corra Mae 'Em-em" Aliste 
 Visit our website WWW.CAPOEIRA.PH